BPC Focus Groups Presentation

Annual Focus Groups Presentation, Part 2--please read the instructions below

November 15 is the final due date for images for the Creative, Portrait, and Point-and-Shoot focus groups, which will be showing at the December regular club meeting. If possible, it would be best to have your images ready by the November 5 regular club meeting. The limit is seven (7) images per person for each group. If you are in more than one group, that is seven images for each group you are in, and these need to be submitted on separate CDs. Each CD itself (not just its envelope) needs to be labeled with your name AND the name of the focus group. Images should be jpegs, sized at appx 2560 pixels on the longest side. Labeling: Firstname-Lastname-01(-02, -03, etc).jpg. John Huffman will prepare the show for Creative; Lisa Walker will prepare the shows for Point-and-Shoot and Portrait. You can either give your CD(s) to your focus group leader(s), or to Lisa or John, depending on which group(s) you are in.