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The Bloomington Photography Club of Bloomington, Indiana, consists of photographers of all experience levels from novice to professional. Members range widely in background, age, and areas of interest. Membership in the club is open to anyone. Members use digital, point & shoot, rangefinder, medium format, video and pinhole cameras. It is not even necessary to own a camera, just to have an interest in photography. Currently, we have over 150 members. Club activities for the following year are planned at a meeting held in November, with input and decision making by all members who wish to participate. The board of directors makes arrangements for and implements the planned activities. The board is headed by the president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer, with the remainder of the board members distributed throughout various committees. Committees cover programs and special events, exhibitions, field trips, workshops, and newsletter and web site. All members are welcome to participate in board meetings.

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