Photo by Allan Yates

The Grunwald Gallery of Art is the gallery of IU’s School of Fine Arts. During the year it has many different kinds of shows, everything from undergraduate classwork to name artists. The members of the Bloomington Photography Club have a show there every summer, usually in July. This is the club’s big show, and we have done it for over 20 years. It’s juried (3 judges, early in June), thematically open, and each club member can submit up to four images for jurying. Photos submitted must be mounted--and in most cases matted--but not framed, and they may not have been hung in any previous club-sponsored exhibit. (See details about preparing images below, in Instructions for Submitting Works for Jurying.)

Why go to the trouble and expense of submitting something? There are lots of reasons—and there are some sales--but one of the best reasons is to use the show as an occasion to assess your strengths, test them against the variety of talents in the club, and grow as a photographer. If you are juried into the show for the first time, congratulations! If you don’t make it, don’t worry, most of us have been there. It’s a chance to begin some conversations with fellow club members, maybe folks in one of your focus groups, and ask them what could make your work stronger. Then see the exhibit with a photographer friend, critique it . . . and go from there. You have a year to work on next year’s show

To stay informed about the Grunwald exhibit, be sure to read the club’s weekly email newsletters, and check the club website for up-to-date information under the red BPC CLUB EXHIBITS button, where you will find a “Grunwald Gallery Exhibit” section, which will be your access point for detailed information about the exhibit’s process, requirements, deadlines, and so on. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask someone who has been around a while. Or contact a member of the Exhibitions Committee.

Do consider entering . . . and good luck!

Date and place
Jurying will take place on the evening of Thursday, June 11, in the club’s regular meeting room at the First Presbyterian Church. Images should be dropped off between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., the earlier the better. The room will be closed at 7 p.m. when jurying begins, and no images will be accepted after that time. Jurying will conclude by 9 p.m. Please return promptly at 9 p.m. to pick up your images.


Time and place of jurying
Jurying for the 2015 exhibit will take place on the evening of Thursday, June 11, in the club’s regular meeting room at the First Presbyterian Church. Entries should be dropped off between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., the earlier the better. The room will be closed at 7 p.m. when jurying begins, and no images will be accepted after that time. Jurying will conclude by 9 p.m. Please return promptly at 9 p.m. to pick up your images.

Number of submissions and cost
You may submit up to four works, with an entry fee of $2.00 each, payable by cash or check on the day of jurying.
1. To submit images for this exhibit, you must be a current member of the Bloomington Photography Club.
2. Images that have appeared in any previous Bloomington Photography Club exhibit, whether juried or not, may NOT be submitted. (Photoshares at club meetings do not count as exhibits.) If you are not sure whether an exhibit was sponsored by the club, please check with John Woodcock, chair of the Exhibitions Committee:
3. Images that were submitted to a previous SoFA/Grunwald Gallery jurying but were not accepted may be resubmitted, and must follow the guidelines below .

Preparation of images
1. All images must be two-dimensional photographic images.
2. There is no size restriction.
3. For jurying, images should appear exactly as they would when exhibited, except for frame and glass, if those will be
4. Images may be printed on paper (including metallic paper), metal, or canvas.
5. Images must be mounted on one of the following: (a) a rigid backing such as foam core, for images that will be exhibited under glass, (b) a very rigid backing such as Gator Board, for images that will not be under glass, or (c) brushed aluminum (please see note on glassless presentation below).
6. Images that will appear under glass must be matted. While the choice of mat color is up to individual artists, past experience suggests that white, off-white, or black mats may be better received by jurors than less conventional mat colors.
7. If you have several images that you wish to present together as one image (i.e., as a triptych), they must be contained within a single mat.
8. Stereoptic or 3D images may be submitted, with appropriate viewing equipment.
9. There should be no indication of your name on the image or on the front of the mat. If you have previously signed the work, please place a blank post-it note over the signature.
10. Each image must have, attached to the back, the “post-it” information form that is supplied by the club. If you did not get forms at a club meeting, they will be available at the church on jurying day. The form asks for your name, email, and phone number; the name of the image; and the purchase price or “NFS” (not for sale). When setting your prices, remember that the Grunwald Gallery takes a commission of 25% on sales.

Legal note: Please be aware that photographs portraying the work of other artists, and of some particular places, often may not legally be offered for sale without permission of the artist or organization. This includes, for example, sculptures and paintings, and buildings on the campuses of Indiana University. You may submit such photographs to the Grunwald Gallery exhibit, but they should be listed as Not for Sale (NFS) unless you have obtained appropriate permissions.
NOTE: Glassless Presentation
The following additional presentation options are available for the Grunwald exhibit:
1. Images to be exhibited without glass must be mounted on a very rigid backing such as Gator Board (NOT foam core), or on brushed aluminum.
2. An image mounted on Gator Board may or may not be framed. If the image will be framed, it must have a self-mat, which may be colored or white. (A self-mat is printed on the paper as part of the image, extending evenly around the image so as to appear similar to an actual mat.) Images mounted on Gator Board must have a professionally applied micro-laminate coating.
3. If the image is mounted on brushed aluminum, the aluminum should provide a border of approximately 2-3 inches around the image. No self-mat or frame is required. Images mounted on brushed aluminum must have a professionally applied micro-laminate coating.
4. Images may also be printed directly on aluminum. In this case, no micro-laminate coating is required unless recommended by the printer. A frame is optional.


The guidelines for framing:

Frames should be simple and preferably of metal, though narrow dark wood frames are also fine. Brightly colored or ornate frames are not acceptable. Glass can be plain glass, non-glare glass, or museum glass. Plexiglass is not recommended. 

PLEASE NOTE: All frames must have a WIRE ACROSS THE BACK for hanging. Do NOT use the saw-toothed-type hanger that attaches at the top of the frame.If you wish, sign your image either within the image or on the mat. But whether or not you do so, please be sure that your name and the title of the image are on the back, so the people hanging the show will know it’s yours and can put the correct tag on the wall by your image.  

NOTE: GLASSLESS PRESENTATION The BPC board has approved two new framing options for the Grunwald exhibit:

  1. Images mounted on a rigid backing (usually Gator Board, but NOT foam core) and framed with a plain dark metal or wood frame. The image must have the visual equivalent of a mat, with an area of photo paper beyond the image itself showing evenly all around.
  2. Unframed images mounted on brushed aluminum, with the aluminum providing a border of approximately 2-3 inches around the image.

In each of the above formats, the image MUST have a professionally applied MICRO-LAMINATE COATING.  And glassless formats, like all works in the show, MUST HAVE HANGING WIRES ACROSS THE BACK as described above. 

Drop-off time for the hanging is noon-1 p.m., Thursday, July 16, at the School of Fine Arts Grunwald Gallery, the earlier the better. The gallery is no longer easily accessible from the parking lot of the IU Library. You can park briefly in the circle just outside the Fine Arts Building at the lower end of the Library parking lot. Turn on your blinkers. The Grunwald is on the same floor as the entrance off the circle. 

You must have your images at the gallery by 1 p.m. This is important because the hanging process cannot begin until all images are in the gallery. If you aren't able to deliver your image(s) on time, please ask someone else to do so for you. 
If you can stay and help with the hanging, the Exhibition Committee will be very glad to have you. If you don't have an IU parking sticker, there is a pay lot on Jordan Avenue just south of 7th St., and there are two lots at the Indiana Memorial Union. Parking directly north of the museum is currently in flux and not reliable. Please read the club's weekly newsletter for breaking news affecting Grunwald parking.
The opening reception is Friday, July 17, 6 - 8 p.m.  Please bring a store-bought food item for sharing (IU campus rule), but no drinks. The gallery will provide a cash bar that will include sodas. After the opening reception, the exhibition will be open to the public from noon to 4 p.m. from July 17 to July 30 except Sundays and Mondays, (when the gallery is closed.)

The last day of the exhibit is Thursday, July 30. ALL WORKS MUST BE RETRIEVED FRIDAY, JULY 31, BETWEEN NOON AND 2 P.M. If you can't pick up your images at that time, please arrange for someone else to pick them up for you. They can't be left in the gallery.