Image Submission Guidelines

Below are guidelines for submitting images for our monthly photoshares, images for the member galleries on the website, or just general use on the web.

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Image submission to the club's photoshares.

  1. Folders can be named: !BPC month Person's Name. The exclamation point will allow the folder to be top level and easier for the loader to find it.

  2. Images can be resized to: Landscape view to 1400 pixels in width OR if in Portrait view to 1050 pixels in heighth. If you don't resize, that is fine. We want to see your images.

  3. The ppi, which is the print resolution, can be ignored.

  4. If you wish to establish an order in which to show your pictures, then rename them with a two digit number at the beginning.

  5. Jpeg or tiffs are fine.

  6. Generally, up to 8 images are submitted. If you go on a club-sponsored field trip, please show us some of those also.

Note: Image submission to the website members' gallery or to the various focus groups will have different parameters. Also, if showing panoramas please resample to a reasonable size. Images will be deleted from the club's computer after being shown. If you have any questions, please contact the tech team or consult with the information group that gathers at the club's monthly meeting.

Formatting images for the member gallery.

  1. Make sure they are among your best images.

  2. Limit the number of photos to 30 images.

  3. Format your images as either jpg or png.

  4. Color Space sRGB.

  5. Width dimension 2000ppi. Don’t worry about the height. Make the resolution 72ppi.

  6. Name your files as following. firstname_lastname001, firstname_lastname002, firstname_lastname003 and so on in the order you want them to appear. You can really use any name you want. But keep in mind that using your name as your file name is not necessary but keeps the book work a bit easier.

  7. When you are ready to submit your photographs contact James Kellar at and you will be sent a link where you can upload your files.

  8. Please do not watermark your photographs. See Copyright Notice below or whenever possible do not add any extra border such as a faux matte and frame.

  9. While not required it is best not to have any add any border/frame around your image.