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Indiana Bicentennial Book Deadline for submissions

Photographs for the State of Indiana Bicentennial Book
Guidelines for Submissions

Background: At the end of this year, the State of Indiana will publish a 240-page coffee table book in commemoration of the state's bicentennial in 2016. The book will celebrate the bicentennial in words and images that reveal the special character of Indiana, and will include essays by Hoosier authors, photographs, quotes, and historical anecdotes.

Photographs must be taken in Indiana and should reflect in some way one or more of the following aspects of the state:
            Natural Environment and Landscape
            Buildings and Architecture
            Cities and Towns
            Farms and Fields
            The Hoosier People
            Schools and Libraries
            Business and Commerce
            Medicine and Health
            Religion and Philanthropy
            Media and Communication
            Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
Photographs must be uploaded in .jpg/.jpeg format with high quality (at least 300 ppi)
The content of a photograph must not be altered. Only retouching that conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed--that is, content should not be added to, moved within, or removed from the original image, and images should not have added borders, backgrounds, or other effects.
All photographs should be submitted via the following link:
Once you have uploaded your photograph, click on the photograph to open a form that will allow you to submit additional information about the photograph. Submissions must include the photographer’s name and contact information, photograph creation date (approximate if not exact), photograph location and brief description, and permission for use.
Use of photos will not be compensated, but photographers will receive a photo credit in the book.