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Woolery Stone Mill Project Photography by Michael A. Finger

  • Gallery 406 116 W 6th St Bloomington, IN, 47404 United States (map)

Located on Tapp Road on the southwest side, the Woolery Stone Mill is one of the most iconographic landmarks of the Bloomington landscape. Michael has been visiting this space with the purpose of making photographs on and off for the past 20 years. He has also made photographs at the location of the “other” Woolery Stone Mill, at the Cascades Park site, during that same time frame. His time spent at either location has been fruitful, as both places, in their time, have been redolent with imagery that presents a rich and melancholy record of the industrial past. The Cascades Park mill is now gone, but the Tapp Road location, while greatly changed over the years, is still there. The equipment and limestone have been removed but the structure of the mill remains as a architectural testament to our industrial history.

During most of this time Michael’s primary method of working has been to use large format film technology. Initially the negatives would be printed by traditional means, in a wet darkroom. Recently, he has been revisiting these negatives with contemporary technology, by scanning them to high-res digital files, and printing with an archival inkjet printer. This method of presenting the images has proven very rewarding.

These kind of sites have always been attractive to Michael. These were landscapes of intense industrial activity that, due to the vagaries of changing economic forces, are no longer being used for their original purpose. As the workers and machinery departed, however, they left behind a resonance of the former activity. Michael can feel the presence of this resonance as he prowls the site with his camera, and endeavor to convey this feeling in these photographs.

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