BPC Club Survey

Please fill out the following survey. While we want to know who you are you will not be requited to identify yourself.

The only question we require you to answer is the first one that lets us know if your are a club member. Keep in mind that if you are not a paying member we will not weight your answers has heavily as if you were a member. 

I am a club member and have paid my member dues for 2017 *
Club Impressions
Club Impressions
Please tell us how you feel. All we ask is that you be honest.
I really like the club. Please don't change a thing.
The club is great but I could see where some changes could improve things.
There are a few thing about the club I like but I really think it needs some major changes.
In a month how many times do I visit the club's web site?
How long are my visits to the website?
Site Navigation?
Would you like to have the option of paying your yearly dues on line and through the club website?
Realize that there well be an increase in the cost of membership from 2-7 percent. Members who pay by cash or check would be except paying the full amount and be given a discount of 2-7 percent.