2015 photohelpers List

The Photohelpers are people who have signed up because they want to offer any kind of help needed by club members, of whatever level of skill or experience, in the particular areas listed below. Please don't hesitate to ask them!

Landscape, Macro, Panorama, Large Format, Architecture
Craig Barton: craig@bartonimages.com

Travel, Photoshop, Street Photography, Black and White, Pets
Juliet Frey: julietstfr1066@att.net

3D & Microphotography, PC Software & Windows Issues, Lightroom & Hugin
John Huffman: huffman@indiana.edu

Nature, Landscape, Lenses, Macro
Helene Jones: helenejones@att.net

Travel, Street Photography, Landscape
Trudy Kaufman: kaufmantrudy@gmail.com

Printing, Color Correction, Color Calibration, Photoshop, Lightroom
James Kellar: jjkellar@gmail.com

Carol Kiser: cjphotog@bluemarble.net

Kip May: kipmay@sbcglobal.net; 812-345-0142 (preferred for contact)

Landscapes. Street Photography, HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Jeff Schemmer: jschemmer@sbcglobal.net

Photoshop, Color Calibration
Chris Wilson: santaochris@outlook.com

Beginning Digital Photography
Charly Zuppann: czuppann@indiana.edu