Don Wood Memorial Award

Photographer: Kip May

At the end of each year, one or more members are selected to receive the Don Wood Memorial Award. This award was established in 1996 to honor Don Wood, a member who died that year. Don, who joined the club in 1989, is remembered for his friendliness, his supportive and positive regard for the work of other club members, and the seriousness and enthusiasm he felt towards his own photography. The award is given to recognize members who exhibit the same qualities that made Don such a valued member of the club.

Recipients of the Don Wood Memorial Award

Paul Lightfoot
Patty Cole
Kip May
Holly Joy
Steven Schmaltz
Richard Darling
Juliet Frey
Jeff Hammon
Beth Wootton
James Kellar
Jim Poradic
Rene Rezvan
Lisa Walker
John Sanders
Glen Darling
John Woodcock
Bob Barber
Nola Donley
Bob Wrenn
Jeff Schemmeer
Walt Sterneman