BPC Member Gallery

If you are a club member and interested in having your own gallery on the BPC website contact me at bloomingtonphotoclub@gmail.com. The Member Galleries will be purged of non-paying members sometime around the end of February the beginning of March. Make sure you have your dues paid.

Formatting images for the website member gallery.

  1. Make sure they are among your best images. 
  2. Limit the number of photos to 30 images. 
  3. Format your images as either jpg or png. 
  4. Color Space sRGB.
  5. Width dimension 2000ppi. Don’t worry about the height. Make the resolution 72ppi.
  6. Name your files as following. firstname_lastname001, firstname_lastname002, firstname_lastname003 and so on in the order you want them to appear. You can really use any name you want. But keep in mind that using your name as your file name is not necessary but keeps the book work a bit easier. 
  7. When you are ready to submit your photographs contact James Kellar at jjkellar@gmail.com and you will be sent a link where you can upload your files.
  8. Please do not watermark your photographs. See Copyright Notice below or whenever possible do not add any extra border such as a faux matte and frame. 
  9. While not required it is best not to have any add any border/frame around your image. 

IMPORTANT ALERT: Any images by club members that are posted on the BPC website are considered available for use in advertising club events such as our annual juried exhibit, or other exhibits or events. However, no images on the website will ever be used for a financial purpose of any kind. If you prefer that one or more of your images not be used for advertising club events, please ask to have them removed. Contact jjkellar@gmail.com

Copyright Notice

When ever possible we will add a copyright notice, and contact information to all photographs posted on the clubs web site. Be aware that just because a (©) copyright notice has been added to your photograph does not mean it is protected under the United States copyright law. To fully protect your photograph it must be registered by the United States Copyright Office. For more information on copyrighting your photographs goto the official United States Copyright Office Web Site.